Iron Condor Academy

Aims at providing a structured unique trading system to any investor interested in making realistic, consistent, high-yielding income with financial options as a primary tool. The curriculum will include a couple other complimentary strategies, but only ONE featured option strategy heavily emphasized — i.e., Iron Condor.

Iron Condor is an option strategy involved many options at different strike prices to structure a position. The key advantage of Iron Condor is the market neutral approach, meaning traders will not need to know where the market is going to decide how to buy or “short” it. In other words, we trade Iron Condor regardless the market goes up, down, or sideways.


Options Trader and Master Trainer

Our master trainer is Mr. Foong Mun Keong, who has over 15 years of options trading experience and 25 years of stock trading. He has also trained hundreds of students in options trading. With experience, he intuitively understands the nuances of trading principles of success. Most people trade with some sorts of signals, usual protective safeguard of stop-loss, and constantly searching for assets to essentially “gamble” with the markets. Most seasoned successful traders are doing away with all these textbook academic materials which don’t really produce tangible results.

Mr. Foong graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Capital Markets from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, USA. After a short stint of working for Heller Financial Asia Pte Ltd in Singapore in the 90’s, he began his career as an entrepreneur before started to trade in the financial markets in his own capacity. He has trained under a couple of options gurus in New York and Chicago prior to establishing his own methods and strategies.

In addition to high performance trading, Mr. Foong is equally eloquent in teaching. He can break down complex subjects into bits of materials easy for neophytes to understand. His interest has always been in the students to ensure they absorb the materials essential for trading success.

“A Sensible Way to Make Money Consistently … in the stock markets, in the options market to be exact.”
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Iron Condor Academy

The academy introduces two options courses: namely, 1) Options Basics and 2) Comprehensive Guide to Iron Condor. The Options Basics sets the tone and prerequisite for learning the Comprehensive Guide to Iron Condor. The idea is to provide life’s skill in making money from the financial markets in more systematic and consistent way. Our approach has been generating between 50% – 110% return per annum, depending on the market conditions.

In addition to formal courses, the academy also provides after-course support to individuals to further enhance their understanding of the subject matters or resolving issues such as opening of brokerage account or usage of online trading platform. Regular meeting will also be conducted to gather participants for group learning for topics relevant to the strategy.

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